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Student & Family Advisory (SFA)

Student & Family Advisory (SFA) is a research-based, school-wide practice that provides all students in middle and high school with the support they need to feel attached to school, to succeed in school, and to graduate ready for the rigors of college and high quality careers. Through SFA, students and their parents/caregivers come to know and be known well by at least one adult in the school who provides continuity of care by staying connected with them the entire time they are enrolled in the school.

SFA is implemented as a building-wide initiative that includes all students in the school and their parents/caregivers; teachers, administrators, and other appropriate staff; and high quality support-service providers within and outside the school that are available for referrals and follow-up. Schools form advisory teams that each include 12-15 students and one or two staff advisors. Teams remain intact until students graduate from the school. All adults in a school (working in groups of 15) participate in intensive training sessions, during which they learn strategies and content for facilitating their advisory teams, approaches for providing ongoing support to students and their families, and processes for connecting students and their families to key resources.

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